Cleaning service increse the number of branches and adjust every time. We have work team research and development system and non stop develop.

Floor Cleaning

Such as in/out building, large car park, Airport, private park, tolite etc.

Sky Building

We will be cleaning every building because we have a tool type “Abseiling” “Spiderman Cost” and “Bowsun Chair” to be guarantee for cleaning.

Palished Stone / Marble Cleaning

We have the restore system and adjust stone by chemical liquid, change Calcium Carbornet in stone to be shiny Calcium Fluoride and strong Magnesium Fluoride stone.

Other Cleaning Service

We provide related services such as couriers within the building. Coffee waiter Kitchen staff Wash the dishes Cart store staff Superstore Staff to take care of watering the plants in the garden. Garbage collector – Box inside the factory or mall Washing, cleaning, chair, upholstery, sofa, pearl type, to the desired cleaning etc.

Disinfecting spray service

Home spraying service Cleaning and disinfecting the Covid-19 virus with quality disinfectant from Belgium. Umonium is a solution that hospitals and airlines choose to use the Teepopp Group. We have a professional team that is 100% confident. Virus, bacteria with a sprayer and a disinfectant from Belgium. Umonium provides cleaning services as well as spraying disinfectants in the area. Up customer service and office buildings for safety.

Housekeeping service

Housekeeping service House cleaning helper, era 4.0, service, dishwashing, cleaning Parties, seminars, banquets, wiping and cleaning dishes on the table and the area of ​​the party. Providing professional cleaning housekeeper service, complete with equipment and cleaning agents Which customers do not need to prepare The housekeepers are professionally trained. There are staff taking care throughout the satisfaction guarantee service.

Gardening service

We provide gardening services, garden care, garden design, garden decoration in full From the design to the maintenance As well as trees that help strengthen the landscape to look shady Including maid services, cleaning and gardening care, garden design, landscape design, and all types of gardening services Consulting services and complete gardening design.